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How Much Is A Trailer Hitch For My Car or Truck

You must first decide what kind of trailer you are looking to tow. The most common trailer hitch is one you pull behind the rear of your vehicle. These are called bumper pull trailers. The most common bumper pull trailers are:
  • U-Haul trailer
  • Boat Trailer
  • Motorcycle Trailer
  • ATV Trailer
  • Popup Trailer
  • Most Travel/Camping Trailer
Most large Camping Trailers are 5th wheel trailers. For this, you will need a 5th wheel hitch which is mounted into the bed of a truck.

The final type of trailer hitch is the gooseneck hitch. This is the most common for:

  • Large Horse Trailers
  • Large Dump Trailers
  • Car Haulers
For this, you have a gooseneck ball mounted into the bed of your truck.
Bumper Pull Hitch
For bumper pull trailers, you need a trailer hitch that is frame mounted to the rear of your vehicle. There are 5 classes of trailer hitches. They are based upon the weight that the hitch can carry. The class 1 hitch can carry 2,000 lbs. and the class 2 can carry 3,500 lbs.
The class 3 hitch is the most common. This is a 2" receiver and can range in towing capacity from 3,500 lbs. to 12,000 lbs. Your vehicle will be the limiting factor on this as you can only tow what the vehicle can, so you will want to check your owner's manual to see the true towing capacity of your vehicle.

The class 4 & 5 hitches are for Full Size 3/4 & 1 Ton trucks. Some models can handle up to 24,000 lbs.

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